Public Safety

The security of the residents comes before all else. Without a safe community, none of the other aspects matter. Having community-oriented Police and Fire departments is something that helps El Segundo stand out in the crowd the crowd. I believe in the “El Segundo” name staying permanently affixed to the doors of the Police and Fire vehicles. Having departments that see themselves as part of our community helps them to serve our city as well as protect all of us.

Long term unfunded liabilities are a topic that arises often. Commitments the city has made in the past regarding pensions, the role of CalPERS, and the payments due in coming years are all issues with which this and future council will be faced. As a member of City Council, I will work hard to bring together representatives from Police, Fire, and employee union groups to craft plans that can sustain the forthcoming peaks and valleys in the economy, while keeping the city agencies competitive amongst comparable townships. We cannot compromise our standards and expectations regarding who we employ.


Education is the foundation upon which a prospering society is built. In El Se-gundo our schools are one of the many gems we hold near and dear to our hearts. As an Eagle alumnus of 1998, and a parent of two young children in the district, I believe the schools need to be supported by city hall however possible.

The relationship between City and School District is one which needs to be symbiotic. Working relationships with School Board Members and school staff is a vital component to the long term health of the co-active relationship. Great schools protects property values and attract people to El Segundo. They are a wonderful compliment to the favorable business environment we have here.

Infrastructure/ Civic Strength

As a Council member, I will encourage all departments within the city to work together to make efficient choices when it comes to maintaining our streets, side-walks, sewer lines, water mains, and our quality of life. To often witness firsthand what appears to be inefficient use of city time and money. Long term financial health starts with our department heads working together towards our common goals. Communication is everything in life. The City cannot and will not be run like a huge corporation. Department heads can and will work together to trim the fat and have our city running as efficient as possible.

Quality of Life

Each resident has his or her own definition and perception of Quality of Life. Striking a balance between the El Segundo of yore, and the city of our future is integral in maintaining long-term success and well being. El Segundo is not mine, it is not yours; it is OURS and I intend to fight for a city that takes great care of all of its residents. The services the city currently provides to us her residents go above and beyond when compared to that of our neighboring cities.

City Finances/ Place in the County

Financial health and a plan to sustain solvency as we know it in perpetuity needs to be the goal of all Council people. As a Council member, I will utilize my small business experience and knowledge to work towards sustainable choices. I will continue to ask the tough questions of staff. The City is here to work for us her residents and city staff is here to work toward our goals. Protecting El Segundo as we evolve in this changing world is my goal.

Our place in Los Angeles county and our piece of the “property tax pie” are out of balance. We employ more than 43,000 people which is one of the highest per capita rates in Los Angeles County. As a council member, I will build relationship within the County Supervisors Office, as well as on the State level, to fight for a larger piece of the tax revenue pie. This effort is something that must be made in order to protect our long term financial health.

Business Development and Retention

El Segundo is very unique in that more than half of our land mass is inhabited by our corporate business neighbors. We have been awarded the Eddi in years past for being the most business friendly city in Los Angeles County. We have a strong contingency of residents and business people that volunteer their time on the Economic Development Advisory Council (EDAC). They have toiled endlessly to establish EL Segundo as a technology hub, eager to thrive in the 21st Century. As a Council member, I will continue to support EDAC and their vision to keep El Segundo as a great place to do business. Again, I stress the importance of balance in being pro business, while at the same time, maintaining the residents of El Segundo priorities. We cannot continue to enjoy life in El Segundo without the support of our neighboring businesses.

Ballot Measures

On occasion, the residents of the city are asked to cast their votes for and/or against ballot measures. My voting history shows that I have been in support of local ballot measures such as measure A. I am fundamentally against raising taxes on the State and Federal levels, but do look closely at local tax measures. As a Council member, I intend to get accurate information in the hands of the voters. For too long, I have heard people quote misinformation and ask why the city can-not provide information clearly to them. Ballot measures are necessary from time to time, and I will face them head on when presented with them. Ballot measures exist to give voice to the rest of us outside of the five Council members. They are intrinsic to our civic systems.

Measure C on the ballot is an interesting tax increase measure. The idea being presented is that Los Angeles County will raise the sales tax inevitably and so by voting to raise the tax now we would beat them to the money and stake a claim to that portion of the sales tax collected. In listening to our current council discussion


Residual environmental effects have us surrounded in El Segundo. Fighting to ensure our neighbors inside and outside our city boundaries abide by state man-dated regulations will be something I intend to champion as a Council member. The relationships we as Council people have with our corporate neighbors and LAWA are extremely important. I will not allow El Segundo to just be a city name on a page. We will have a face and a voice when it comes to the environmental impacts with which we are faced. The residents of El Segundo are my first priority.

Q&A With Scot

The City of El Segundo and Chevron are many times seen as one in the same. The city was founded in response to The Standard oil Company opening their “Second” California refinery. Hence, our name of “El Segundo”; Spanish for the second. I believe the city needs to cultivate the relationship between the largest land owner in town and city hall. That said, Chevron is a dream corporate citizen, and is a huge supporter of all things “El Segundo”. In the past, items were brought to previous Councils attentions that Chevron may not be paying their fair share of taxes to the City. A 15-year deal was drafted, and as a Council person I intend to hold all companies doing business in El Segundo accountable for their tax liabilities. Understanding the complex history be-tween Chevron and El Segundo, and having established relationships with the leadership at Chevron will serve me well as a council member.

This issue has been touched on in recent times, and the question is one that needs to be studied in depth. On face value, I see the potential positives and negatives. From an economic development standpoint, I do see the desire and demand for residential units in close proximity to businesses such as we see in many Westside areas. From a resident’s standpoint, I have an issue with how residential units east of Sepulveda could change the neighborhood identity we have here in town. Also adding El Segundo voters East of Sepulveda and out-side of the El Segundo School District boundaries would make passing a school bond measure very difficult. As a Council member, I would push for the completion of very extensive studies, and would welcome the public’s voice to weigh in on the decision.

The Lakes Golf Course site and Top Golf have been a hot topic for the past five years. Where things stand at the moment is that the current council chose to not extend the expiration of the original agreement, and the deal will not be ratified. Since then, the current Council has formed a sub-committee to direct the city attorney to draft a formal Request for Proposal (RFP), that should yield options for the city to consider regarding the future of the site. From the Planning Commission side of things, I voted to approved the Environmental Im-pact Report (EIR), and believe something must be done at the site to ensure the course stays open forever, but is not a drag on the city’s general fund. The course currently owes the general fund 5 million dollars that I would really like to see paid back and invested to help us cover our long term financial commitments.

Police and Fire Pensions are always a topic of conversation around election time. In short, we as a city need to make changes that serve two purposes: one, a happy and health work force comprised of high quality applicants is what we the residents deserve. Two, a compensation package that ensures we retain our highly trained staff while not putting the city under extreme fiancé stress. Working together with representative from Police and Fire is the only way we as a city can evolve in the competitive world of Police and Fire recruitment. Without all the detailed information I cannot state exactly where I stand except for saying that I believe the name El Segundo should always be painted on the side of our Police and Fire Vehicles, and an ambulance should always be stationed at Fire Station 1 on Main St.

The proposition of me being a realtor and the potential conflict of interest has been raised a few times. What I can say is I have met with the city attorney and ask the FPPC for their opinion on the matter. I can also say that during my 5-plus years on the Planning Commission, I have never been asked to recuse myself from a vote on a new development project. I believe my profes-sion has given me a wonderful perspective on what is so great about El Segun-do. I do about 50% of my business within the city limits, and I get to meet all the people who are attracted to El Segundo as a potential home destination. I get to share with these individuals all the wonderful things about El Segundo they may be unaware of. I also get to hear from them as to why they are at-tracted to our town. This insight is very useful when serving on the Planning Commission, and other various committees.

Downtown El Segundo, or specifically the 300-500 blocks of Main Street. In the past five years, we have seen a lovely renaissance in the 100-200 blocks of Main Street. During this time, we have not seen that affect the section of Main Street North of Grand Avenue. Many believe it to be a parking issue, others at-tribute it to the development of the Sepulveda Corridor. What I can tell you is that I have participated in meetings comprised of downtown retail and restaurant owners, and we have discussed some options. I have also been a part of the Downtown Sub-Committee which develops code to create better options for our downtown merchants. The business owners would like to see angled parking on Main Street to slow traffic, and create additional parking for patrons. They have also discussed a group marketing effort that can be a shared cost among the businesses. As a Council member, I will do whatever I can to promote visits to Main Street. I want to encourage the town’s work force, as well as the hotel guests we see each day, to use our wonderful services and amenities. As a resident, I can tell you we support our small businesses. I own one, and fight the good fight to keep it open each year.

The potential School Bond measure that has been discussed is one rooted in a desire to ensure our amazing schools. I was asked to be a part of the Superintendent’s Advisory Committee in middle of last year. I understand the district’s vision. As an alumnus, I also understand the long term master plan they have in place and the need for construction and updating throughout the district. The difficult part of the School Bond issue in my opinion, is getting the correct information to each voter in El Segundo. If every single voter in El Segundo had the opportunity to sit and speak with a school board member, they would likely agree that we desperately need the bond money. It has been 20 years since the last bond was passed, and convincing the residents support to the schools is a recipe for long term vitality.