Candidate Biography: Scot Nicol

I am a proud parent, husband and El Segundo resident. My commitment to El Segundo is second to none. My wife, Kimberley, and I relish volunteering in the community: being a part of what makes El Segundo great is a shared passion of ours. As a businessperson, I focus on customer service above all else. Being a member of our community and ascending to the leadership roles I have held has led me to my purpose–giving the public a voice inside city hall. There is a quote I live by that sums up how I feel about public service: “Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first,” as stated by Bob Burg in The Go-Giver.

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Scot's Story

Scot was born March 16th, 1980 in Hawthorne, California to parents Scot S. and Ann Marie Nicol, both of Culver City. Scot grew up in the Del Aire part of Hawthorne and attended Juan de Anza Elementary School. Scot is the middle child between older sister Christina Nicol-Biggerstaff and younger brother Robert Nicol.

Scot ran for his first public office at the age of eleven and won the position of Student Council President. Middle school was Scot’s introduction to El Segundo, and while being a permit student at ESMS, he entered into the honors program. At age thirteen, Scot began playing sports in El Segundo, first with AYSO soccer, and then Babe Ruth baseball. Scot has often told the story of the first time he was given an all-star uniform with “El Segundo” printed on the chest. His coaches explained to the team they not only represented themselves, their teammates, and coaches, but also every single person in El Segundo. This resonated with Scot and helped him to understand that the city name on his chest was not something to take lightly. At El Segundo High School (class of 98′), Scot excelled in the classroom as well as on the field. Scot’s social circle ranged from the valedictorians to the jocks, and Scot quickly discovered his greatest gift in life was bringing people together. A four-year letterman in soccer and three-year letterman in baseball, Scot is proud to say he is a part of the great El Segundo sports heritage.

After ESHS, Scot attended UCLA. Competitive sports were left behind in exchange for textbooks and toil. Working his way through school is something of which Scot is very proud. College is when he learned how crucial the skill of time management is to a successful life. If you ask anyone who knows Scot, they will tell you something like, “the man is always working.” Scot worked at an El Segundo dining institution through college, Wendy’s Place Cafe. It served as his second home during Scot’s time at UCLA because staying connected to the El Segundo community was of great importance to Scot.

College was an interesting time in Scot’s development. As a sociology major, Scot began to realize two things: that great leaders are few and far between, and that people are capable of amazing things when organized. After graduation, Scot was fortunate enough to study abroad and experience life in Spain. This is yet again another important piece to the Scot Nicol story: while living in Spain, Scot realized first-hand how a community is defined by the people that inhabit it.
Upon his return from Spain, Scot began to search for his career path. A 24 year-old idealistic sociology major was either destined for a career in sales or a trip to Law School. Scot chose to follow in his aunt’s footsteps and work in the real estate industry. Scot worked for a title company from 2006 until 2012 helping to build the knowledge he has regarding land uses, codes, and regulations.

Along Scot’s path, he befriended a man named Eric Busch. Eric was, at the time, a newly elected El Segundo City Council member. As Scot tells the story, he asked Eric, “how does a young man looking to make a difference one day get involved?” Eric told him, “Join a local club and start volunteering.” Little did Scot know that the can of worms he was opening by following Eric’s advice would one day define what type of citizen he would become.

Scot joined the El Segundo Kiwanis Club in 2004 in an effort to experience a community-focused organization. His involvement with Kiwanis has helped forge many of the relationships Scot utilizes in his role within the community today. Scot loves being a part of a group doing great things for the community, and he has enjoyed participating in Kiwanis-sponsored events such as the Beach Clean-Up, Richmond Street Fair, Fourth of July Pie Eating Contest, Halloween Costume Contest, Kiwanis Cup Golf Tournament, and Santa’s Sleigh, among others. First appointed to the Board of Directors of Kiwanis Club, and then becoming president of the El Segundo Kiwanis Club in 2015, this was Scot’s first step up into leadership within a community organization. As described by a few of his fellow Kiwanians, “Scot has a unique skill set with regards to his ability to bring together the older and younger members of our club. He listens to those who have served in his role prior to him and guides the club through its evolution in today’s world.”

In 2011, Scot felt the urge to step into a more influential role within the greater El Segundo community. His appointment to the Environmental Committee for the City of El Segundo marked a turning point in Scot’s life. After one year on the Environmental Committee, Scot was shifted by City Council to serve on the Planning Commission. This role came with a deep sense of responsibility to represent what was best for the city as a whole. He said, “Having a vote, having a voice within the community, is a responsibility I do not take lightly, and voting based upon the voice of the community is what I do.” His commitment to making smart decisions for El Segundo above his personal interests is evident in his voting history and his statements made during commission meetings.

In business, Scot is known for being a successful real estate agent in El Segundo and surrounding areas as well as being one of the proud owners of Beach Mex restaurant. His and his wife’s involvement at Beach Mex has allowed them the opportunity to give back on another front in town. Beach Mex is known for its generosity throughout the schools, churches, scouts, and team sport programs. Being owners of a community restaurant and staffing with home-grown individuals is a practice that Scot, his wife, and their partners are very proud to sustain.

As a Realtor in El Segundo, Scot is constantly meeting people whom are attracted to El Segundo as a destination to call home. These interactions are a wonderful reminder why Scot loves calling El Segundo his home. His real estate group is a great supporter of the community though sponsorships for the schools, parks, youth sports, city and Ed Foundation. Giving back is one of the group’s guiding principles.

On the family side, Scot married wife Kimberley in 2009 and became a father in 2012. His son Scotty is now five and his daughter Sullivan is three years old. Scot and Kim are often found playing with their children in the local parks or teaching them about giving back by participating in community service events together. They know that all the wonderful things about El Segundo do not come without efforts made by community members, and Scot and Kim believe in being an active part of that community effort. Coaching Scotty in soccer and baseball is a passion of Scot’s. He said, “the overwhelming pride you feel when you see your child loving sports and life is indescribable.”

Scot’s commitment to EL Segundo’s future is second-to-none. He believes getting involved early on in his life was a key turning point in his development as a man. He believes that making a positive mark on your community takes a consistent effort over a long period of time, and he has already proven to be a man of such practice.

Scot’s story is on the verge of adding another interesting chapter in this run for City Council, and it’s a life that he and his family are very excited to live.

Last Day to Register to Vote is March 26th